Let it snow…and…so forth and so on

Over the weekend we decided to keep up a tradition we have had over the past couple of years, to visit the fall leaves up Millcreek canyon after conference Sunday. Though we saw some pretty spectacular colors, we were more excited about the snow. Normally, we’re able to make it to the summit and park to do a little stroll up one of the trails. This time the roads were snow packed and we decided not to chance it. We were able to get some fun photos of the kids and family on our route back down. Incidentally, we happened across a group of college kids (from BYU I believe) who had driven their civic off the side of the road and gave them a ride down the mountain. Wasn’t that nice of us. “Yeah, please, come in to our “van” and experience the noise that is Beauen screaming his head off because he’s hungry…” I imagine those kids will have learned their lesson and will never get caught in that situation again.


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