Princess Aurora and the little old lady

One day, princess Aurora was in her father’s castle when all of the sudden Timon, her pet tiger, pounced up to her.

“Grrr grrr grrr, grr grrr grrowl”, said Timon the Tiger.

“Oh no!” said Princess Aurora. “Where?”

“Grrr, grrr grrr grrr growl grrr.” replied Timon the tiger.

“Then I must go and help.”

And off she ran, out the front door of the castle and down the streets to stop at the front door of a little old house.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Hello”, said princess Aurora. “Is anyone there?”

Nobody answered.

Knock, knock, knock. “Helloooooo…” she repeated.

And after waiting for a few minutes, she opened the door and began to walk in. Tiger Timon followed close behind to protect her from harm.

“Hello, what do you want?”

In the corner of the little house, a little old lady was laying on her bed. She looked so sick.

“What are you doing here?” Said the little old lady in a raspy, high pitched voice.

“I’ve come to help you out!” replied princess Aurora.

“I don’t need any help. I’m just a little under the weather” said the little old lady.

“But I’ve come to make you some dinner!”

And with that, the front door opened wide and all the princess’ personal chefs darted in the room and began opening cupboard, shuffling dishes and cooking dinner.

“I’m going to make you my favorite meal.” Said princess Aurora, “SpaghettiO’s®!”

With that, the chefs completed the ever so exciting meal and darted out the front door as quickly as they had entered.

“Here, try some.” urged princess Aurora.

“I don’t want any. That looks disgusting!” said the little old lady.

“But you’ll love it, its my favorite meal.” insisted princess Aurora.

“Fine! I’ll try it.”

The little old lady took a spoonful of the freshly prepared SpaghettiO’s® and carefully inserted it into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” this is delicious! I love these. I think I’ll have them every day from now on.

Princess Aurora smiled and hugged the little old lady, and slowly walked out the door as she waved goodbye to the little old lady.

“Our work is done here Timon” said princess Aurora, as she and tiger Timon hurried back to the castle to play more princess games.

The end.


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