Mind your own business!!!

So as usual, I am up late, doing work (or things related to it) and have run across a blog that really disturbs me.

Basically, catch someone else’s nanny’s benevolence (or malevolence), then report them to the “nanny police”. Apparently, this site is gaining a lot of momentum in the blogosphere.

COME ON PEOPLE! Society please take a Valium, relax, breathe a little. Are we all so caught up in other everyone else’s business that we forget to worry about whether or not we should be doing so? I realize there are those out there that would say it is our “responsibility” as a society to take care of each other. At what point will we say enough is enough? Like I want people “spying” on me on every little thing I do as father, husband, etc.

However glorious the Internet has become, its amazing things like this continue to draw our attention. Social networking sites, blogs, and other such personal web site mediums are effective ways for an individual to communicate with the world. Now we have sites like this, welcoming blatant defamation about real people, who may or may not merit such discussion, by completely arbitrary (and more often than not anonymous) participants. How insane is this?

However helpful such a service like this (or others like it) may be to society, perhaps we should see really observe what’s down that dark alley before we attempt to stomp on personal freedom and individualism. After all, by allowing society to run your life, you are in effect, losing it.

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