Firefox Memory Leaks Know No Bounds

I have a love-hate relationship with Firefox. I have used it in tandem with Internet Explorer since the days of the original Mozilla browser, each one having it’s own pros and cons. To be quite honest, Firefox zealots make me laugh since most of them have been around the web about as long as my kid sister, and yet seem to have the experience and wisdom of of Elmo when it comes to the “browser wars”.

My reason for writing at this juncture is the fact that tonight, my single instance of Firefox was boasting an amazing 802MB RAM utilization. Yes folks, that’s 802,000,000 bytes of memory being used by a single browser instance. No, I did not not have a thousand tabs open, and no, I was not loading hundreds of megabytes of images and resources. Simply put, there is an amazingly huge memory leak within Firefox at this time. Granted I have my own fair share of add-ons/plug-ins installed. However, you would think the Firefox core application would know how to manage and restrict such add-ons (if that in deed is the case) from consuming every last resource on my machine. Thank goodness for my 4 gigabytes of DDR RAM.

Anyway, here is what an almost GIG utilization from a browser looks like. Enjoy.

Firefox Memory Leaks Know No Bounds

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