LAMPS Tutorial (reprint)

I decided to bring the LAMPS (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation tutorials to just in case the source versions are pulled for some reason. As I didn’t not actually write these, I take no credit or responsibility for their content.

I have relied on these tutorials for my Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) installations for the past couple of years. (For some reason I am always forgetting to do one thing or another.) I had thought I had lost the actual link to them that I had bookmarked, but was able to relocate the moved pages. So, to ensure that this never gets dropped (at least from my site) I’m creating a mirror of it.

As the I am not the original author, I take no credit nor do I take responsibility for them. I will host them for personal use and others who might need them as well.

LAMPS Tutorial 1.3
LAMPS Tutorial 2.0


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